Foundations: Double Exposure

My sixth grade Foundations class has played with scanography for the past month. They started by experimenting with scanning their hands.  They had to do three mini-projects before they could start planning and executing their “Scanning Dreams” piece.

I have shared the instructions for the pre-projects below if you would like to try this with a class. I have a class of 11 students, a lab of iMacs, and 5 Cannon/Epson scanners. I have students partner up to work on the scanners. They are very good about helping each other through the process. The examples below are from the third pre-project.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure

Double Exposure

Double Exposure

Double Exposure

PART 1: Scan in one page of your sketchbook


  • Scan your page
  • Rename the file lastname_SB.jpg
  • Upload it to the dropbox

PART 2: Scan in your hand, edit saturation, hue, contrast in photoshop


  • Scan your hand by carefully placing it on the scanner bed, close the lid lightly
  • Rename your file lastname_hand.jpg
  • Open Photoshop
  • File > Open > select your file
  • Adjustments > Hue/Saturation
  • Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast
  • File > Save As > name lastname_hand2.jpg (MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE FORMAT: JPEG)
  • Upload it to the dropbox

PART 3: Double exposure practice in photoshop


  • Open Image Capture
  • What location is your file scanning to? Make sure it is your server folder!
  • Using the plastic sheets scan 2 different images – ONE MUST be of your face
  • Rename your files lastname_face1.jpg and lastname_face2.jpg
  • Open Photoshop
  • File > Open > select face1
  • File > Open > select face 2
  • While looking at face 2 (your second file do the following
  • Select all : command + A
  • Copy : command + C
  • Go to face 1 (your first file)
  • Paste : command + V
  • Find or open the layers palette
  • Locate your two layers
  • Work on one layer at a time and adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast
  • You can use the visibility (eye) next to the layer
  • Change the opacity
  • When you are finished File > Save As
  • Change the file name to lastname_DE
  • Change the format to JPEG or JPG
  • Upload it to the dropbox

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