Face to Face: Day 1

Monday was the begining of Middle School May Term at Allendale Columbia School. I will be teaching two 5 day long explorations into topics I am passionate about. The first is a portrait class and the second is an animation class.

Face to Face

Do you love to draw? Have you ever wondered how to draw faces? In this course students will learn about the proportions of the face through a number of hands-on activities. We will work with sculpture, drawing, and painting. Students will experiment with a variety of materials to produce a series of portraits of themselves, their loved ones, or their idols. You will learn about the elements and principles of art as you try out charcoal (for value), wire (for line), and painting (for color). Each day we will explore new materials and techniques as students develop the skills necessary to draw more realistic portraits. We will even have a visiting artist demonstrate the process while working with light and shadow. The artist will work one on one with students to help them develop and enhance their skill level. The end of the course will result in a gallery show at AC which students will curate and host a mini art opening.

Today we took a pretest so I could see where everyone’s skill level was. Then we dove right into proportions of the face. I don’t think my students expected to learn so much MATH in an art class. There are only five students in the course so our set up is extra special. I was particularly excited by the ooo’s and aahh’s as the group walked in for the first time. Each student has their own…

  • art desk
  • drawing board
  • portfolio
  • sketchbook
  • set of graphite pencils
  • kneaded, gum, white plastic, and black eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • mirror
  • ruler
  • AND EGG… (more on that later)

Here are some photos from our first day.

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