Guest Post: Tsioianiio

One of my seventh graders showed me a few of her photos on her iPad last week. I was amazed by her keen eye and use of light. The photos were being entered into a contest that she found. Below are her photos and interview with Tsioianiio (pronounced joy-in-ee-o).

AO: When did you first start taking photographs? 

TG: I didn’t really start at any time; I sort of just got a lot  more into it like two months ago.

AO: How does the iPad camera differ, in your opinion from a DSLR? Which do you prefer? 
TG: I don’t think they differ too much but I would definitely choose the DSLR over the iPad camera any day. I do think that the DSLR camera captures what I’m seeing a lot better then that of the iPad.
AO: If you could go anywhere in the world and take photos where would it be and why?
TG: I would either go to Alaska or Nevada. Alaska because of the beautiful northern skies. And Nevada because of the mountains and I’ve been to Lake Tahoe and that is just magnificent; so basically just the scenery in general. 

AO: Where did you take them?
TG: I took a the lamp one at my aunt’s house. The trees one is from some forest near fort hill near Ganondagan in Victor. The one of the chicken and hen plants was taken at some old house while I was in the May term course photography. And the last one was taken all the way across the country, in Nevada. That was the reason I said Nevada in the question that asked where I would take my photos if I could.
AO: What is the name of the contest you are entering them in?
TG: The black & white photo contest by the Eitlejorg Museum.


6 responses to “Guest Post: Tsioianiio

  1. These are some of the most stunning images I’ve seen! Thank you sharing, both the pictures and perspectives, Tsioianiio. You’ve got a bright future in front of you!

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