Guest Post: Origami Lantern

This post is by guest blogger, Zach B. Zach is an eleventh grader at Allendale Columbia who hopes to one day become an art teacher.

“The original idea actually involved ‘re-texturing’ with mirrors and spray paint. However, at the time, I was making origami stars. One day in the process of making a star, I left one point unfolded and attached it with tape to the lantern. I ended up falling in love with the idea. I made a few more and attached them as well. I decided to start paying closer attention to the color scheme of the lantern. Each origami star consists of 6 pieces of origami paper. I  put together color schemes using the paper in sets of 6 then I would sit and fold them. Eventually I decided to tinker with size and proportion. I made really small stars and fairly large ones. I even experimented with materials like magazine paper, foil origami paper, and post-its.


Origami Star Lantern made by Zach B, class of 2015

Origami Star Lantern made by Zach B, class of 2015

In order to support the lantern and keep it open I glued cork to the ends of hard plastic straws. The cork was there so the straws wouldn’t tear the lantern paper. I then taped those to the metal loops in the frame of the lantern. To hang it I used wire and looped it around the supports. The process took longer than I hoped but I am happy with the result.”

2 responses to “Guest Post: Origami Lantern

  1. Such a cool project, Zach, in the creative process and final work-admired your vision and persistence in bringing it to completion! Love the color patterns!

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