Art 6: Ceramic Masks

I tried a new project this year with my Art 6 class. In the past we have made Ceramic Shoes (here and here) but I wanted to switch it up this year and try something new. I collaborated with the school psychologist to develop the introduction to this lesson. We planned an activity that would introduce identity through the investigation of personality characteristics, emotions, beliefs and values. Students identified their own qualities. Then they were asked to identify what others think of them using the same categories.

Mind maps from our mask planning stages. If you’re looking for online tools for mind mapping try out Padlet, MindMeister, and

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Sketches for the mask project

This project was very hands on (for me and the students). I was providing a lot of advice and support to my class and therefore unable to take as many photos as I usually do.

2014-01-27 14.44.30

The masks in the kiln right before their bisque fire.

2014-02-07 08.27.152014-02-07 08.23.04

For more information on working with clay check out our Slip and Score contest.

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