Artist of the Week: Zina Nicole Lahr

This Is Colossal featured Zina Nicole Lahr, a bright, joyful, young woman this week. She truly embodied the spirit of engineering and art. In this video you will see her build a giant tarantula puppet with joints made of pool noodles and zip ties. She also wore goggles because, “you never know when you’re going to need eye protection.”

Lahr died tragically at the age of 23 last month in a hiking accident.

Below are some of the examples from her website showcasing her wide range of ability and talent.

I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside art director Austin Blasingame and a team of eager hands… and eager hearts… on a recently released documentary film called Moving On. The film focuses on a family who travels to Africa, and how they are transformed by the very people they saught to aid. It tore me apart in the best way possible. The message of hope in the film is so powerful. 


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