Artist of the Week: Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni is a highly skilled colored pencil artist who utilizes negative space to inform and spark the imagination of the viewer. His work is colorfully muted. The theme of his work is explained a bit below in this statement from his site:

Mazzoni weaves a world based on Italian folklore of mystical women who seduce, bewitch, curse and cure. His work is a homage to the hidden craft and history of healing women and every drawing is infused with metaphors that tell their story. From flora and foliage that is either curative or hypnotic, butterflies and birds that drink the energising and nourishing nectar to the circular compositions alluding to the cyclical nature of life and finally the semi – hidden faces hinting at the enforced obscurity of women obliged by prevailing religious beliefs to conceal their knowledge, power and practice.  

To peek inside of Marco Mazzoni’s sketchbooks check out some of the images below found in this High Fructose article from August of 2012 and this Juxtapoz article from February 2013.


Mazzoni, Hi-Fructose

Mazzoni, Juxtapoz, February 2013

Mazzoni, Hi-Fructose

Mazzoni, Hi-Fructose


Some Recent Work

Mazzoni, Juxtapoz


Mazzoni, Hi-Fructose

Mazzoni, Juxtapoz

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