Brain Breaks

After my Middle School Head observed me he made a great suggestion to try using brain breaks. Sitting for 40 minutes is not an easy feat, especially not for a 6th grader during 9th period.

I worried about the transition and how much time it would take. I also realized that if I could help my students to re-focus mid-class that they might actually get more accomplished. I believe that this kind of implementation takes some time but overall is very good for any age level. There are a variety of Lower School activities (from NTPRS and more on Pinterest) but I had some difficulty finding appropriate activities for Middle and Upper School. Then I found this blog called…

Energizing Brain Breaks

 is a coach and an integrator of technology into the math department at his school. He works at Naperville Central High School in Naperville, Illinois. 

From the site:

Our students should have a kinesthetic brain break every 25-30 minutes. Brain breaks are refreshing to students and teachers alike. They do take some time out of class, but the efficiency of our students goes up when we incorporate them. Please comment if you have variations on a particular brain break.

Here are a few of my favorite breaks…

Please reply in the comments if you have tried Brain Breaks in your classroom. What has worked well for your students? Post videos of your favorites!

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