Artist of the Week: JR

JR’s work is EPIC. He has become and international superstar over the last 5 years. His work spans the globe and is huge (literally). He is a photographer, street artist, and political activist.

To learn more about his Face to Face project watch this video

From YouTube:

JR exhibits his photographs in the biggest art gallery on the planet. His work is presented freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Action; it talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit.

To learn more about his TED Prize watch the video below

The Women Are Heroes series is by far my favorite of his work. He has installed these projects in Sierra Lione, Liberia, Kenya, India, Cambodia, and Brazil.

28 Millimeters, Women Are Heroes Action dans la Favela Morro da Providência, Favela de nuit, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil, 2008

28 Millimeters, Women Are Heroes Action in Phnom Penh, Peng Panh, Cambodge, 2009

In July 2013, 4000 square meters of images representing faces of the women from Kibera, Kenya, were printed on vinyl to protect the roof of the community against the rain. This is not part of the Women Are Heroes project that was realized 4 years ago and that is still visible on this image.
Every year since 2010, a team goes back to Kibera to continue the legacy of the project and cover more rooftops for the community. This is done with no autorisation except the one of the community and with no other financing than the one raised through the sale of artworks…

28 Millimeters, Face2Face Separation Wall Detail, Security Fence, Palestinian Side, 2006

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