Artist of the Week: Heechan Kim

Heechan Kim is a graduate of the Furniture Design program from Rochester Institute of Technology. His artist statement is quite lovely and relates to relationships.

My work operates out of the conceptual space where my ideas about human relationship encounter the structural processes of hand made forms. My particular interest in human relationship has been human coexistence in modern global society. I explore issues of intense emotional tension, obsession, violence and sexuality through the material process of bending thin wood strips and stitching them with metal wires. These construction methods express the understanding that every human being is connected, bounded and destined to exist together. As such, the form of the human body itself deeply influences my work both formally and conceptually. I see my objects as containers. The word, ‘to contain’, has an important role in my body of work. As a container, the object makes a boundary of inside and outside, creating a new space and volume. Ultimately, it synthesizes all the elements of the object making possibilities to become more than what it is. It is in this synthesis of elements that the objects speak to our experience as humans. When we surrender our view of distinction and containment, we allow ourselves the possibility to become something much greater.

This from an article posted by the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at RIT:

We are pleased to announce that Heechan Kim, has won the grand prize in the Cheongju International Craft Beinnale. The event will be held September through October 2013 at Cheongju, South Korea.

The Cheongju Ineternational Craft Beinnale has been honoring outstanding international crafts and artists every other year since 1999. In 2011, it became the world’s largest craft event, with thousands of artists from 60 different countries submitting and participating in the exhibition. Heechan Kim has been honored with the grand prize in this year’s theme of “Something Old, Something New.”

His work was chosen by a pannel of six international artists and curators. Judges said prize winner Heechan Kim’s work (title: #9) “shows exceptional creativity with deep understanding about material and transformation of old boat-making technique is innovative and outstanding in a very modern way.”

More information about the Cheongju International Craft Biennale can be found at

To see more of Heechan Kim’s work, please visit his website,

– See more at:

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