Artist of the Week: Alexa Meade

I first saw Alexa Meade’s work a few years ago on My Modern Met. I was fascinated by the impressionistic quality of her work. At first, I thought, “what a nice painting”. I never would have guessed that it was a 3-dimensional installation piece. She doesn’t paint on canvas, she paints ON PEOPLE.

Here are some examples of her new work which was just featured on the TED Blog. You can like her on Facebook for updates and photos of her work.

“Risen.” This painting of a street art scene includes a surprise. The black-and-white figure is a painted person standing in front of a background. Copyright: Alexa Meade

“Egg on Egg.” This still-life is painted on top of the actual food. Copyright: Alexa Meade

“Aligned with Alexa.” Alexa Meade joins one of her painted subjects in an image. Copyright: Alexa Meade

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