3D Art: Cube Construction

Here are some photos of today’s progress on the paper cube challenge. I am so proud of these students for working through the challenge. The steps are quite simple:

  1. In your sketchbook draw a cube showing form and a pattern for a cube that is flat
  2. On copy paper make a cube that stays together without any adhesives*
    *No staples, white out, ketchup, glue, tape, stickers, etc.
  3. Assess progress
  4. Rework with tabs and slits
  5. Get pattern approved by teacher
  6. Experiment with Bristol board, x-acto knife, and cutting mat
  7. Cut through the Bristol board as well as scoring and folding
  8. When finished take your one and only sheet of Bristol
  9. Using a ruler and pencil draw your pattern
  10. Get approved by teacher
  11. Cut out pattern, score ALL folds (tabs too), construct your cube!

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