3D Art: Paper Cube Challenge

My 3D Art class was given a challenge on Tuesday. Create a geometrically “perfect” cube using a piece of paper. First they started by sketching a 3D cube showing it’s form. Then they sketched the cube as if it was flat. I wanted them to start thinking about the way in which things are built. We spent the better part of that period using scrap paper to make prototypes and test different theories. We had yesterday off but today they jumped right back in, and were hopefully a little more refreshed. I strongly encouraged them to look online for ideas, tips, and suggestions.

Today I showed them some tab and slit construction options. Once they have successfully constructed a cube using copy paper they will upscale their pattern. The next step is to try scoring and slicing the Bristol board. It is a much heavier material than they are used to.

I have been most fascinated by the team work. The class was split into teams of 3-4 and encouraged to help one another. When I see one group with a success I encourage the other groups to send a member over to check it out and report back to their groups. Everyone is making their own cube but having the support of the team for ideas is important on a project like this.

Here are some images from our first day:

I will follow up next week with the next steps of the project!

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