I haven’t spent much time at all thinking about school. May Term took the wind out of my sails. When school ended I checked out and haven’t been back since.

Today I had a meeting scheduled with our new Middle School division head, Ryan Burke. We had a nice talk at Village Bakery over coffee about Middle School at Allendale Columbia. We talked about Design Thinking, Visual Thinking, and Studio Thinking. We discussed the writing of Carol Dweck and her book mindset. We even pondered the LEAN IN movement. Almost two hours after we sat down I left feeling rejuvenated.

I was so invigorated by our conversation that when we departed I headed straight to school. My department chair, Lori Wun, was working on her supply order when I arrived. We collaborated and connected on our orders. She had some great ideas and suggestions for items that I had not thought of like Canvapaper (which takes up way less space than canvases) and boxes for storing digital prints in the DAL. My order is about 95% finished and I am so excited for next years new curriculum. In addition to working on my order I took inventory of my supplies and found a large amount of unused paper!

Now I am home with a stack of folders, books, printouts, and notes. I had already begun to plan out my curriculum for next year but now I have some incredible new ideas. So a few questions to you, do you re-write your curriculum each year? Have you ever written your own curriculum map?

3 responses to “Invigorated

  1. Hi, canva-paper is also my favorite for studies, when ruining a freshly prepared canvas is not an option (it never really is!)… I teach advanced writing to bilingual students and yes, I always re-write my semester program, though I keep the main topics, I update the readings… This year my Creativity Workshop students asked for a painting class this coming semester, so that’s going to require lots of first-time planning on my part 🙂 canva-paper will definitely be a part of my supply list… Read you soon, enjoy, Alexandra

    • I would love to hear more about your Creativity Workshop! Let me know if you would like to collaborate on your planning for the painting class. I have some boards on Pinterest that I always look to when planning for a painting assignment.

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so infinitely kind! I sure will have you in mind 🙂 I’m going right over to check out your boards…thank you so much for the links… about my Creativity Workshop, well it’s a small project still; my school principal knows I need to feel creative to function and thank God she sees the pent up creativity in our students so she let me go for it. I’ve been at it for two semesters now and it’s mostly been adaptations of super fun projects I find on Pinterest and other craft blogs i follow. I’ve got some images in my blog if you’ve got time to take a look. I am quite demanding when it comes to a project I am doing by myself, but have had to tone it down for my students, so you’ll find all different qualities in their work… this semester we wrapped up with what I titled “paint-by-tone” surely you’ve seen it…it’s a “new” version of paint-by-color…with this project came their enthusiasm for painting and they asked me for a paint-only semester. Since I’m free to create and plan my program I might go with it, though, from knowing them, they are not interested in the whole history and in-depth technique stuff, they just want to paint (they have sudden regressions to their elementary school years, you know how teenagers are, jaajajaja) so I am looking for interesting, part technique-part just-for-fun projects, I know your links will be a huge help…I’ll let you know how this starts to take form 🙂 big hug from a grateful teacher, Alexandra

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