Light Painting

The eighth graders have been hard at work in the CPC. The group just finished their pinhole photography project and as a well-deserved reward we are making light paintings. How does one paint with light? You might be asking yourself. Well it’s quite easy. You need a camera that you can control the shutter speed. You just set the shutter speed to a very slow number (all of these exposures are between 8 and 30 seconds). Below you will find a graphic to help find the Shutter Priority setting on a Nikon (left) or Canon (right). We will have two more sessions and I will post those images as soon as they are ready! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

From the B’s Book of Photography

Tuesday, April 23rd (8-2)

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Wednesday, April 24th (8-1)

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Friday, April 26th (8-2)

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Monday, April 29th (8-1)

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