Poster Design: The Crucible

Next weekend is the Upper School Drama production of The Crucible so yesterday we put together a poster for the show. I found this image and was inspired by the look. There is a dominance created by the weight of the text. I loved the silhouette of the female in the front but we are without costumes so we had to create a different position.

Yesterday three of the females involved in the play were available for a quick impromptu photo shoot. After a very brief Photoshop session and some previous Indesign work we had four choices. Here are the three rejected poster designs.


I didn’t even realize how much it looked like the front page of a newspaper until I was finished. The final was chosen for a few reasons. There are mysterious looking “orbs” in the front of the image from the stage lights reflecting into the lens. The red wash was important to the director, Mrs. Clinton, to tie in the fear of communism. She also really enjoyed the facial expression and gaze of the central figure.


Lastly, I saved a quick .png for web use. We have a digital newsletter and a social media initiative so we must always develop web friendly graphics as well. This one is currently the header on the Facebook event and could be used as a Twitter header as well.


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