Spring Break: Wednesday

More top secret planning with colleagues and on my own today. I also had some time to get inspired for a class I will be co-teaching in May called , Behind the Lens. It will be an intro class for photo and video journalism. Students will make documentary style films based on events happening in and around them. As I did some research today I found a PBS series by the same name. The site has TONS of resources including lesson plans for teaching. I have included one of the lessons below:

The following lesson plans comprise a unit that explores documentary film and are written for grades 7-12 and college-level classes respectively. These classroom activities include: learning objectives; an outline of the relevant national standards met by the plans; a list of necessary tools and materials; a notation regarding the total time needed to complete the individual lessons; a teaching strategy; assessment recommendations; and extension ideas.

Lesson #1: Introducing Documentaries to Your Students (Grades 7-12) This lesson helps students understand that documentaries are a type of storytelling that explores factual stories and issues using film or video. By the end of the lesson students should know the difference between fact, fiction and opinion, and be prepared to watch documentaries in class.

Watch Filmmaker Interview: Alan Berliner (2010) on PBS. See more from POV.

I also think I finally mastered embedding a flash file into wordpress.com (but that is a post for another day).

Oh and to top it all off I went for a 3 mile run at my fastest pace yet – 8 minute miles!

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