Spring Break: Tuesday

As a child who grew up with AOL and AIM, I have never been one for face-to-face communication. OK, that is a stretch. What I mean is face-to-face video communication. I’m not a fan of Skype and you won’t find me Face-timing. Recently, I started using Google Hangouts as professional meeting time. I find that there is rarely enough time during the day, especially the school day, to meet with colleagues.

Today, I met with two of my colleagues at school and a third who was at home with her two kids. It was a great blended meeting and we accomplished an immense amount of planning. We would have been at a loss without our colleague at home and it was great to have her here in the room with us. I think that Google Hangouts are  superior to any other video chat software. They seem to have better connections and you can add multiple participants.

At the end of our session (2 hours is a long time) we had a little fun with Google Effects. If you haven’t tried Google Hangouts yet we highly recommend it. Especially the pirate, princess-devil-moustache, and clown puppy. I swear we only did this for five minutes at the end of our meeting!

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 2.14.57 PM

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