Student Designers

I am so impressed by my Digital Art students. They have made some of the most thoughtful, thorough, detailed, careful designs that I have ever seen created by a student. My class has students in 9-12 grade and meets every day for 40 minutes. I wanted to share some of their recent designs tonight.

This is the poster for Alice in Wonderland Jr. the middle school musical.  This was designed by sophomore E. Paszko.


The second piece is a hooded sweatshirt with a birch tree covered paw print on it. You can even order one today! Final orders are due this Thursday, March 7th! You can choose a grey hoodie with black ink or a blue hoodie with white ink. This design is by S. Price a senior at Allendale Columbia. She also created the Evening of the Arts invitation that I posted two weeks ago!


Congratulations to these two student designers for making work that can be viewed and enjoyed by our AC families!

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