Sculptural Costume Construction

This year I have had the opportunity to play a much bigger role in the middle school play. I have been working mostly with the costume crew but will even get to help out with set painting once the sets are built. The exciting thing about our middle school play is that everyone participates. You can audition for a part, build sets, program lighting, work on props, and make costumes.

I have been working to build some of the more sculptural costumes with a team of four students and 3 other faculty members. We started by constructing a cardboard base. Cardboard is lightweight, free, and readily available. Ask your maintenance team to save some for you if you don’t know where it is recycled at your school. We then added two layers of paper maiche. The first was newspaper and the second layer was brown paper towel. The brown paper towel creates a nice consistent layer that “soaks up paint,” according to my students. We then primed the pieces with white house paint.



Our final step was to spray paint! My students were incredibly excited for this step! This past week we went outside to start on our final coat. Check out some photos and video below. The items you see go along with a lobster and a sea turtle costume. I can’t wait to see all of our underwater creatures (2 eels, 2 clams, 3 jellyfish, and more) dancing on stage in the performance!





If you want to come see the play you can find out more details here.

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