February Break: Friday

What an enormously productive day! I had the opportunity to work on some side projects early this morning including my proposal for may term, setting some social media goals, and planning for our professional development day at school next month.

After accomplishing so much, so early, from the comfort of my couch I headed to school. I know that it’s break but if you know me well, you realize how much I love my job and how little it feels like work. When I arrived Ms. Hart was just unloading the kiln which was perfect timing. I had a chance to unpack our new kiln shelves and load them up. Look! No more cracked, glaze covered kiln shelves.



After all of that work it was time for play. I went for a short 2 mile run outside. I am starting to really enjoy running in the cold and am actually dreading the heat. When I finished up with my run I got right down to business in my studio. The quilt that I have been working on for several months desperately needs to be finished. I have projects piling up!

Here are a few artistic photos of my sewing process. I hope to finish quilting and add the binding this weekend so expect a full shot of the quilt then.


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