Fifth Grade Faces

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to host 5th graders in the Middle School and 8th graders in the Upper School. We have a wonderful program called Next Step at Allendale Columbia. It allows students to spend one day in the division that they will be joining next year. I collaborated with Mallory Hart, our Lower School art teacher, to develop a project. I had to create a lesson that would,

  • only take 40 minutes
  • scaffold on prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • prepare the group for the Tiny Planet project that I teach to Art 6
  • be a successful experience in the Digital Art Lab

I started thinking about the idea of exquisite corpse (here is a free download for an exquisite corpse cootie catcher) and how I could do something similar inPhotoshop. Ms. Hart and I kept thinking about how much time it would take to photograph and upload images to the computer. She mentioned that she had a folder of their portraits from a project they worked on in the fall. They posterized their portraits in Photoshop and painted them using different shades and tints of the color blue.

I decided on making a collaged face out of the parts of their classmates faces. Here is a handout that I made with some helpful shortcuts. 

Move Tool
Crop Tool

Select All + A

Copy + C (when finished click “return”)

Paste + V

Transform + T (when finished click “return”)

Color Balance (move the sliders and click “ok”)

Layers Palette

Here are the examples that the 5th grade class created.







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