1. It’s go time @acsrochester as we get ready to welcome everyone to #TEDxACSchool
  2. @dianagleeson has been taking some great panoramic photos – love the art gallery wall in the background. 
  3. @ACSRochester @TEDxACSchool #tedxacschool Lunch delicious food thx Colies & Cheesy Eddies & Hegedorns & Bruegger’s http://pic.twitter.com/1PkI6Mcg
  4. Good morning, Rochester… Gonna perform at my very first #TEDx talk today! http://lockerz.com/s/280962161
  5. Seth Horan just played bass and sang about hooking up purely based on looks, and expectations. Catch it online when #TEDxACSchool uploads.
  6. A quick look at onedanceco performing.
  7. RT @ACSRochester: One Dance co. takes the stage #tedxacschool #roc http://pic.twitter.com/7Y24Pe0k
  8. Whitney G-Bowley (@HotnHyphenated) an alum of Allendale Columbia School brought her band GIG #getitgood shared “collaborate to connect” 
  9. “I got a gig,” means you’re beautifully, deeply, madly…employed. #tedxacschool
  10. @TEDxACSchool @ACSRochester Let go of the paradigms of the past; ask students to create; failure is instructional. #TEDxACSchool
  11. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are | Video on TED.com
  12. @TEDxACSchool @ACSRochester Amy Cuddy TED talk video ( ted.com) very well received: laughter and posture changes #TEDxACSchool
  13. Great crowd of creatives today #TEDxACSchool! Thanks to the organizers – students and teachers. Great job!
  14. Thank you for being there and talking about STEAM. The http://www.geneseearts.org/ is a phenomenal organization that Rochester is so lucky to have.
  15. @ACSRochester @TEDxACSchool #tedxacschool … favorite quote thanks janice gouldthorpe: Earth without art is just “eh”
  16. @TEDxACSchool @ACSRochester Dr. Quatela speaks on volunteerism – amazing – helping one child at a time #changetheword #TEDxACSchool
  17. More information can be found here at his organizations website…
  18. A nice note of congratulations from one student to another
  19. #tedxacschool @cquats22 you did a really great job speaking. Your entire talk was very inspirational.
  20. Saxophones, a drum, and a barefoot bearded man on stage. What’s going to happen next? #TEDxACSchool
  21. About to speak at TEDx w/ my fellow GIGsters by my side >> @mirthfulfirth @pbassnbeer & Lauren Chapman! Gonna #giveitgood! @GIGtheshow
  22. The man behind the curtain! I know we could not have done it without Martijn (and Chris Henning’s) vast knowledge of technology and audio/visual equipment. 
  23. Behind the scenes at #tedxacschool with @mappelo at the helm @ACSRochester http://pic.twitter.com/eueJu39G
  24. So excited for the banner – we decide to have our own two person parade around school! 
  25. RT @artwitholiveri: “@DianaGleeson: @ACSRochester @TEDxACSchool @artwitholiveri #tedxacschool thanks for teaching me panorama! http://pic.twitter.com/OieDoMDX” #tedtalks

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