Reblogged from: Educational Fair Use from Art Class with LMJ

Reblogged from: Educational Fair Use from Art Class with LMJ

Here is a flow chart that I created regarding this topic that helps figure out what path to take when using work from outside sources other than myself or students.  It is most applicable to art teachers but could essentially be used for any teacher.

Included are basic “rules of thumb” to keep in mind while figuring out your “plan of action”.

  1. If you did not personally create what you are working with, go ahead and assume that it’s copyrighted.
  2. If your use of the work will result in profit, distribution, or personal gain – you should always get permission to use it first.
  3. If the work is not being recreated or used outside a school building, you are typically safe but it is always safe to have the original resource cited and available.

1 World Intellectual Property Organization. “Understanding Copyright and Related Rights” (PDF).  WIPO. pp. 6–7. Retrieved August 2008.
2“US CODE: Title 17,107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use”. 2009-05-20. Retrieved 2009-06-16.

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