3D Art Paper Quiz

Today my 3D Art class took a quiz. This wasn’t a regular quiz and I’m pretty sure they have never done anything like it before. Yesterday in class we looked at some paper sculpture examples by Peter Callesen and students have an assignment to read an interview with Brian Dettmer. When they arrived today I gave them the necessary tools to take my quiz.


  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Xactos
  • Cutting mats
  • Rulers
  • And … One piece of copy paper (letter, legal, or tabloid)

Students could only have one sheet for the entire class period so I encouraged them to measure twice and cut once. They had (if they arrived on time) exactly 30 minutes to make a 3 dimensional sculpture out of paper alone. I like to see how creative they are, how many questions they ask, and how far they are willing to push the boundaries.

Here are some shots of them working on their pieces.




The results…




“I note-iced”
Students filled out a post-it at the end of class stating one thing they noticed while working.


4 responses to “3D Art Paper Quiz

  1. This rates as the coolest quiz I’ve ever seen! Excellent way to keep them thinking creatively, and I like the results!

  2. This is a really cool idea. I had to do a similar ‘quiz’ at an art conference I went to. Instead, all the teachers were given a 18 x 24 inch sheet of white paper- nothing else- and we had to see who could contruct the tallest 3D structure. It was super stressful and reminded me that I’m very weak at 3D design! lol

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