TEDxRochester 2012

I had the pleasure and honor of attending the TEDxRochester event on Monday, November 5. There were four of us from Allendale Columbia whose applications were accepted, Tony Tepedino (Director of Curricular Technology), Karyn Vella (Director of Admissions), Martijn Appelo (student organizer of our very own upcoming TEDxAllendaleColumbiaSchool event), and myself. Since we are currently organizing and planning our own event it was fitting that we were able to attend.

Monday’s event was held at the historic GEVA theatre in downtown Rochester. The talks were diverse yet they all had a common theme that laced them all together. The best part about attending a TED event is that you go home thinking, inspired, ready to take on new ideas, and challenge the old. Of the three TED events I have been lucky enough to attend, TEDxRochester 2011, TEDxFlourCity 2012, and TEDxRochester 2012, yesterday takes the cake.

All three elements of TED, Technology, Education, and Design, were woven into the fabric of the day. I particularly enjoyed some of the more interactive experiences at yesterdays event. The Teen Empowerment organization who did two interactive activities with the audience. The beach ball launch mid TED video*. The dance troupe One Dance Co., accompanied by live music from the pickpockets, on stage, performed in part by the dancers. The performance by Nicole Corea, an improvisational piece about catching a butterfly that mesmerized and hypnotized the entire audience. These interdisciplinary, interactive, and invigorating pieces engaged me further than past events.

*This is the TED video that they launched the beach balls for…

So thank you to Tony and his team for another well planned, beautifully choreographed event. We salute you (and will probably be calling you with tons of questions sooner or later)!

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