Art 8 Alphabet Alliteration Animation

Art 8 spent the quarter creating a Stop Motion Animation. Each student randomly chose a letter from the alphabet then brainstormed actions and objects that start with that letter. From this they drew a storyboard for their Alphabet Alliteration Animation. Each animation must be at least 15 seconds and include a minimum of 120 photographs. The eighth graders have been snapping away with their cameras to animate their letter. 

Our next step includes some time in the Digital Art Lab where we will upload to the server using Image Capture. Then we will begin to animate the project using a free software from Tufts University and iCreate to Educate called SAM. It’s a fairly simple software that allows the student to control the frame rates and add in sound effects and background music.

If you haven’t seen the Digital Art Lab before here is a panoramic image that I created in there.

Here are some photos of the eighth graders working to animate their projects.

I will share more soon as they finish!

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