Scavenger hunt

Something that I value in my classroom is accessibility. I like for my students to be in charge of their own materials, handouts, and projects. All materials are organized and labeled in bins. This helps with vocabulary, returning things where they belong, and puts a little more responsibility on the students. In order to build this kind of accountability in my classroom I set up a scavenger hunt.

On the first day of class I hand out sketchbooks, go over some expectations, and talk about projects. Then I pass out this sheet (Download available here).


I encourage collaboration and sharing both when students are seeking materials and also when they are cleaning up. They realize the value of asking their peers questions and they take pride in helping each other.

Here is one of the results from yesterday. A fun, abstract, collection of materials that can be referenced throughout the year.


When I hear the question, “where is the….?” I will be able to direct it back to the class, creating a collaborative and interconnected classroom environment.

7 responses to “Scavenger hunt

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  2. Love, love, love!
    Thank you so much! Now there will be no denying! Again, thanks for sharing this great idea!

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