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The Benefits associated with children learning art while they are young.

1. Art stimulates both sides of the brain.

2. 33% of kids are visual learners.

3. There are studies that show that kids, who make art, read better and get better grades in science and mathematics.

4. Kids learn by using their senses and art is ideal in this process.

5. Kids need a place to express themselves at school.

6. Art promotes self esteem.

7. Art encourages kids to give more attention to the physical space that surrounds them.

8. Art develops hand eye coordination.
9. Art stimulates perception.

10. Art teaches to think openly. It represents a culture of questioners more than a culture of responders.

11. Art teaches that there is more than one solution for a problem.

12. Art teaches kids to think creatively to solve problems.

13. Kids can share and reflect on their…

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