History of Graphic Design

We started this lesson by watching the following powerpoint

Then students were given this handout and asked to research and choose a designer to work with.

History of Graphic Design (HGD)

Create a one-page printable information sheet in the style of your assigned time designer.

I would like to stress the in the style of part of this assignment.

Your design and layout should reflect the style you are researching.

Your finished info sheet is due in class on  Thursday 3/29

You will present your information to the class on Friday 3/30






Size 8.5” w x 11” h (vertical)

if you wish to work horizontally your page size will be 17” w x 11” h

Final file in PDF format





Microsoft Word

Hand drawn

Other (check with me if there is a different format you would like to use)


Name of your designer

2 facts

3 (cited) images

in the style of your designer

Mediagraphy must include 3 cited sources on a separate page

My students created a one page information sheet about a graphic designer of their choice. This is the resulting book that we published on Issuu which can be viewed by expanding the embedded file below or follow this link.

How to embed an Issuu into WordPress

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