Written Critique (3D)


This morning my 3D Art class went on an adventure into the wonderful world of critique. Today we used a written critique to investigate the product of our Casting Negative Space Project. I used this worksheet as a guide from curkovic art units a pbworks site that I found through Pinterest.

Each student folded a piece of paper width- and length-wise and left the paper at their piece. I then asked the entire class to rotate one spot to the right around the table. Each person was now sitting at a new piece. They then wrote their name and filled in “#1 Describe”. After this they rotated, then more writing, rinse, repeat. The final section was at their piece so they filled out “#4 Judge” for their own work.

I am fond of the written critique because it gives everyone an opportunity to “talk.” It also allows the students (and me) to go back to their peers feedback at a later date and reflect on it. I read bits and pieces today as they were writing but I am looking forward to sitting down later today to read.

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