Elements of Design Quick Reference Sheet via Paper Leaf Design

Last year, we created a Color Theory Quick Reference Poster – a cheat sheet designed to give you a quick overview of color theory at a glance. It proved fairly popular with the design community, as we received our biggest bump in traffic yet from it, and it remains one of our most popular posts. I know I still reference it quite often.

One thing that quite a few readers have asked for is a similar quick reference poster, or cheat sheet, for the Elements of Design. Well, wait no longer readers –  it’s here, it’s free, and it’s pretty sweet (in my humble opinion).

We took what we learned from the creation of the Color Theory poster and applied it to this Elements of Design cheat sheet. The purpose of the poster is not to teach you everything you need to know – that will never happen. What it’s meant to do is provide a quick overview of the elements of design; a refresher for those in the know, and a starting point for design newbies.

We made various files available for you to download, at the link below.



Click to download a zipped folder of the print-ready 11×17″ PDF poster, containing both the grey & white versions.


Feel free to use this poster wherever, whenever, and however you see fit. All we ask is that you don’t try and pass it off as your own, and perhaps give us a link back. Thanks!

via Elements of Design Quick Reference Sheet | Paper Leaf Design | Edmonton Web Design + Graphic Design.

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