Cross Divisional Learning: How my PLN saved the day

An interesting cross-divisional experience happened today and it is all because of Youtube.

I post videos on Youtube of most of what happens in my classes. Today my 8th graders arrived a bit early, but something was on their table. One of my 3D students left her Casting Negative Space piece out on the table. I walked in as someone was asking, “What is that?” G.M. (an 8th grader) explained that it was for a project that she watched me make on Youtube. She then went in-depth explaining what the project was all about, what the students had to make, and how it worked. I sat back, smiled, and listened to the dialogue. When she finished explaining I grabbed the plaster piece that I cast last week and showed it to the group. I could not have been happier.

I was delighted to know that my students do watch the videos that I post and they’re not just floating off into the no-man’s-land of the internet. I was thrilled to hear a student (who is not even in the class) recount the details and intricacies of the project. I was elated to see middle school students learning from each other and talking to one another about ART!

Here’s the video one more time if you have yet to watch it.

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