Instagram Obsession

A student of mine asked me before break if I use Instagram. I replied, “No, but I have an app called Lemeleme.” I started to think about it over Spring Break and decided to create an account. I’ve been posting to my Tumblr and Flickr accounts and really appreciate the ease and simplicity of the app.


Beyond my images I have been incredibly inspired by my students work.

2 responses to “Instagram Obsession

  1. i was avoiding instagram too, when they didnt have it on android. i used lightbox. which was good at the start, but then tried to overdo things. when i finally used instagram.. ah, so simple, so good. i love it. havent used it much yet, been busy..but once i start using my phone to take pics to share, thats the only app i can see myself using..

    • I love the sharing options and how each photo can be shared to a specific place, or nowhere at all.

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