Creating a Culture of Sketchbooks

The three steps in Greg’s method are require, share, and inspire.

Step 1: Require

Greg requires his students to keep sketchbooks beginning in their first art class, which provides them with structure and incentives. They are expected to begin every assignment by using their sketchbooks to explore ideas and experiment with techniques and media. Students are also expected to fill a minimum of one page per day, seven days a week, and their sketchbook assignments are graded like any other in his classes.

Step 2: Share

Greg believes strongly that students must be encouraged to believe in their own ideas. He works hard to create an environment in which students feel safe to share their work, regardless of whether or not the subject matter is personal.

Step 3: Inspire

Despite good intentions, the art teacher alone cannot inspire his or her students. Greg brings in outside experts such as local artists and designers, alumni, and college admissions reps to speak with his classes. In many cases, these experts echo what he tells his students, validating the lessons he tries to impart.

Creating a Culture of Sketchbooks and a Visit from Danny Gregory.

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