Photo Sew

A student was in my room earlier in the year sewing on a black and white photo. I offered to video tape her working and create a high-speed video similar to this one of me drawing. We set up the tripod and she filmed for over an hour.  Here are the results.

She took the photograph, developed the film, printed the photo, then sewed this piece. Although she was in a Black and White Photography class at the time, this project was self-directed. She also published a blog last year with a classmate that documented and reflected on a series of pieces they made in my 3D Art class.

Kudos to these artists for recognizing and pointing out to me that their Tumblr theme is inspired by the famous graphic designer Saul Bass and his designs for the movie Vertigo. They are now in my Digital Design course and just finished a project on the History of Graphic Design.

My students constantly challenge and motivate me to try new things and stretch beyond my comfort zone.

Thank you for inspiring me with your work and love of learning!

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