Reduction Printmaking (Art 8)

This past quarter I started a printmaking project with my 8th graders. Last year we did a similar project except we used a linocut technique. This year is a bit different and we are adventuring into the land of reduction printing. We began by breaking into teams and taking unconventional self portraits. Both photography days were a beautiful and sunny which was an added bonus to a somewhat grey winter. As a class we viewed the article 30 Unconventional Portraits That Defy Clichés, and discussed unconventional portraits and the meaning of the word cliché.

Our next class students used photoshop to Adjust and Posterize their image. My instructions are available as a pdf download, Posterize8.

Here are a few examples of the Posterized images.

The students are now working to remove sections of their linoleum blocks away. Here are a few photos from the classroom today.

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