Teaching Digital Design with Video Tutorials

I have to start out by saying a big thank you to my school for supporting the arts. Without their support we would not have the wonderfully updated Digital Art Lab created for the art department this past September.  I am teaching a semester long Digital Design class in Adobe Illustrator (and later in Adobe Indesign). Our first project was a tutorial where students had to draw several shapes and their initials using the pen tool, create type on a path, and create outlines from type. This was essentially an exercise to help them feel more comfortable with the tools and layout of the program. To help them I created a handout that acts more like a checklist and step-by-step video tutorials.

To make these tutorials I use a program called Jing. I like the fact that it records my voice as well as my actions on-screen to create complete instructions. It also allows the students to watch individually and at their own pace. They can pause the video and go to their project and vice versa.

Below you will find a few of the videos that the class used but to see even more you can head over to my youtube playlist for the class

Illustrator: Setting up your Workspace

Illustrator: Getting Started with the Pen Tool

Illustrator: Type on a Path

Illustrator: Creating Outlines

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