On Wednesday night I will be heading down to New York City for almost a week of sessions at the National Art Educators Association Conference. I had a hard time choosing what to attend but the NAEA App was very helpful in setting up a schedule. If you want to see the selection of sessions that are offered take a look below.

Daily Schedules
Thurday, March 1*:  PDF | Word
Friday, March 2*: PDF | Word
Saturday, March 3*: PDF | Word
Sunday, March 4*: PDF | Word

From NAEA 

There’s also a great Google document that I found at Stacy Lord’s blog for first time conference goers. I now have a list of “Things to Pack.” Let’s hope I don’t forget anything!

Prezi by Deborah B. Reeve, EdD, Cleansing the Palette, NAEA News, February 2012

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