Ceramic: Containing Food

Tierney’s piece:

A collection of bowls for which to make an ice cream sundae. The first one has a spout to pour sauces over the ice cream, the second one is a mortar and pestle to crush crunchy toppings, and the third bowl is to combine all the ingredients. I believe she was inspired by Coldstone Creamery

Abby’s piece

A collection of mugs to be used at local coffee shops that Abby frequents. Each is specific to the place and has her order on the opposite side of the mug. She used an acrylic medium image transfer technique that I found on Pinterest

Lawrence’s piece

Inspired by all things Asian, this teapot is titled, “Tea with the Samurai.” Lawrence built a pattern out of tagboard as a sort of form to keep the structure of the teapot while he was making it. This is one of the pieces on display at the RIT Rochester-Finger Lakes Regional Exhibition.

Hu’s piece

This was inspired by Hu’s love of chocolate. He wanted to create a mold that would allow him to melt down chocolate to form it into different shapes that one could then create art with, or eat. 

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