Artist Research Part 2

Students filled out a short survey in Edmodo at the end of the Research Project. For me it was a way to find out what they had learned but also how it all matters. Here are a few selections from their answers:

Why is it important to learn about artists who make contemporary art? 

It is important because you can see their art in a their eyes and how they want to see it. Instead of just “kindergarten art” or as a simple piece of art. Also you will view it in more of a true and a deeper meaning to their art piece. And to fully understand where they are coming from. (Abby)

It is important to learn about artist’s who make contemporary artwork because of inspiration and because we as artist’s are the future of artwork and the voice of injustice through art, and if so then we must not forget these artist’s voices that inform us about troubles in our day and age. (Lawrence)

If you could ask your artist one question what would it be and why?
One question I would ask is ‘What do you gain from telling people about our current social issues?’ because even though she uses her art to express problems within ourselves, I want to know how she feels and what she benefits from doing so. (Cathy)
Why do artists make artwork?

I think it’s expressing yourself without words, which is sometimes much easier, because a lot of feelings and ideas cannot be expressed with words. You can’t express a feeling of clutter or jumbled thoughts in a sentence or word, but with visuals, you can explain almost anything. (Sarah)

2 responses to “Artist Research Part 2

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