Artist Research Part 1

For the past two weeks my 3D Art class has worked on an Artist Research Project in class. They were given a list of pre-selected artists (from the site art:21). All are contemporary artists working in the fields of sculpture, installation, site-specific artwork, or some combination of the three.

All of the presenters were fabulous. Everyone stretched beyond their boundaries and tried some new technology. The choices for presentations were Prezi, Glogster, Google Presentations, Powerpoint, or a variety of performance options. Here are a few of my favorites.

Cathy’s Prezi* of Doris Salcedo

Sarah’s Prezi* of Yinka Shonibare

Abby’s Glog presentation of Inigo Manglano Ovalle

A video of Lawrence presenting his box detailing the life and work of Kimsooja

This post is inspired by E. Sheninger’s post on getting started with web 2.0

*for help embedding a prezi click here

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