I started using Edmodo as a supplement to Weebly this past quarter with my Upper School students. Edmodo has been so popular that we have all but discarded the previously created Weebly blogs and portfolios. My original intention was to get the kids blogging and commenting based off of a weekly prompt provided to them in class. There were no reminders or related solutions provided with Weebly resulting in many late blog posts. However, Edmodo has a plethora of reminders and notification systems. Students can set up text and/or email notifications for an array of options.

Last week I began transitioning my Middle School students to Edmodo as well. There is an Edmodo app so it works flawlessly with our Middle School 1:1 iPad program.

Pro’s of Edmodo

  • Creates a gradebook based on your student roster and the assignments turned in (very little upkeep)
  • Notifies me when students turn in work so I can grade it
  • Quizes are timed, and you can choose the answer so the quiz are auto-graded
  • Students create their own login (with or without an email)
  • It allows the creation of unlimited (so far) groups
  • Ability to post images and embed many file types and links within a group
  • Can share a post across multiple groups, to a single group, or a specific student
  • Very user-friendly
  • There is a parent function that I have not used yet
  • It has promoted online activity and learning in and out of my classroom
  • I can easily collect assignments, thoughts, opening or closing questions, in one place, and grade them
  • Edmodo provides a fabulous guide here if you run into any questions
  • There really is so much more that I am missing…

Con’s of Edmodo

  • In order to enter grades for a semester one must archive a group with a new name. For example, I would rename “3D Art” with a name like “3D Art Sem 1”. This would allow me to separate grades from Semester 1 and 2.

So far the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. If you have used Edmodo or have any questions about how you might use it in your classroom please comment.

2 responses to “Edmodo

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on Edmodo! I used it for the first time with my students this week, but clearly haven’t explored all of its possibilities. It is nice to know that you are finding its grading options useful. The most interesting thing I found so far with Edmodo in my classroom is that it proved to be a nice way for one of my international students to express himself. While he has a hard time participating orally in front of his classmates, he was more than willing to participate in the online discussion when he had time to compose his thoughts. It is a classroom tool that I will keep exploring, and I enjoyed reading your reflections about how it has worked for you.

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