Colored Pencil

Rewind to the first week of school, we set goals for ourselves, both professionally and personally. One of my goals  has been to make more art. You would think that an art teacher would constantly be making art, don’t get me wrong, I am. The kind of art that I produce on a weekly basis consists of exemplars and ideas for class. I very rarely take time to make my own art.

Since September I have worked on a few pieces. A pen and ink drawing of the birches in the courtyard. A few sketches here and there. A ceramic piece. Today I found a drawing that I started last year. It was one that I was going to make an exemplar from. I was going to demonstrate how to use the grid system to transfer and enlarge an image. It was going to be a fun messy color theory piece using oil pastel. However this afternoon I did a 180. I finished the first sketch and started in with colored pencils. When I see art online I am always in awe of the colored pencil artists. My friend Todd teaches colored pencil like a boss at Webster, and his student work always blows me away. So I decided to dust off my snappy colored pencil case today. It was $5 at Michael’s, and worth every penny. 

Here are the results as of 30 minutes ago,

At 3 pm

At 4:30 pm

At 5:30 pm

It’s been an exercise in re-learning and re-teaching. I never successfully used colored pencils. I either layered too fast, or too thick, or I was overly cautious when it came to building up value. I am finding a balance this time. I am taking it slow, layering in soft, light value, and creating a slow build of  multi-faceted color.  I feel as though I am gaining so much through this process. I am also reminded that I am an artist at my core.

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