Art App List

As requested by my students I want to share some fun art apps.

Drawing and Painting

  • Brushes $7.99
    One of my favorites – stop by and see me if you want to try it out

  • SketchBook Pro $4.99
    (or the free version below)
  • Sketchbook Express FREE
  • Bamboo Paper FREE
    I like this one for it’s simplicity. Limited color, brush, and function but great for a quick doodle.
  • Moleskine FREE
    Another simple doodle app.
  • neu.Draw FREE
    This one might be great for drawing diagrams and pictures for science, math, or history?
  • Hello Colored Pencils FREE
    Colored pencils, in your iPad. Color in an existing coloring page or draw your own.
  • Hello Crayons FREE
    Same as the colored pencils except it’s crayons.
  • Action Painting FREE
    Splotch-y, splatter-y, Jackson Pollock-esque painting app. Get messy without making a mess.
  • Doodle Buddy FREE
    Really basic, but as you can see below, it’s possible to make some beautiful paintings!

Up next: Sculpture and Photography apps!

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