Middle School Update

Middle Schoolers are getting so creative this quarter. Here’s a brief breakdown of what all three classes are currently creating.

8th graders are producing a stop motion animation documenting the accomplishments of a famous artist, designer, historian, author, or athlete. They are in the storyboarding phase of the project. The class is making decisions about the style of animation, camera angles, and what materials they might use. Some choices are clay (claymation), paper cutouts (similar to the style that South Park is animated), live action (using their friends, family, and classmates as characters), hand drawn, or any combination of these.

Here’s a few links to files that the 8th grade is using
Storyboard Template 
Camera Angles Worksheet 

7th graders are using morals to create a piece of Sequential Art. Today students worked on brainstorming how to use and possibly hide morals in their comics. The class has also spent time sketching out characters and learning about the vocabulary and terminology of comic art.

Here are a few links to try creating your own comic
Page Template  and 4 Panel Template from http://www.teachingcomics.org/

or click on this link for more
Free Printable Comic Strip Templates

6th graders have designed a hybrid that combines a shoe and a _______ (fill in the blank). They have filled in the blank with nouns all week. They will use these ideas to craft a ceramic shoe. First students spent a class period completing a ceramic scavenger hunt using their iPads. The class learned how to wedge clay and why it is important (hint:  2 reasons). Students will sketch 5 ideas and choose one to create a final drawing.

More on these exciting projects soon!

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