Technology: Love it or hate it?

I have the fortunate experience of working with middle schoolers who each have their very own iPad. I started this year thinking that my students would excel at using technology. I assumed that the iPad use would be second nature to them. They are the digital generation. They use cell phones. They love Facebook. They prefer to communicate using social media. Or do they?

I’m curious to know how confident they are using the apps on the iPad and applications in the digital art lab at school. Both my 6th and 8th graders just completed a unit that used Photoshop. All three grade levels (6th, 7th, and 8th) used digital point and shoot cameras and uploaded the images from the memory cards to the computers using iPhoto. It is fascinating to watch students who intrinsically understand and feel confident using the technology. It is also very clear that my directions and instructions could use some changes. For instance I wrote directions that said to press the Command + T keys. they ask me if they should press three keys “command” and “+” and “T”? At this very moment I am downloading a font that looks like a keyboard to help clarify these kinds of questions.

Please comment with your experiences and thoughts.

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