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Each year the seventh graders at my school take a week-long trek up to the Alonquin Provincial Park to spend a week at Pathfinder. They camp out, mountain bike, kayak, learn survival skills, and enjoy the great outdoors. A week later they return having forged stronger bonds with one another and developed a better understanding and appreciation of nature. In the art room the students learn about Andy Goldworthy, they analyze his work through discussion and writing. They also learn about art work that isn’t necessarily permanent. Much of Goldsworthy’s work blows away, falls down, and melts.

This year my students really surprised me. With a limited amount of materials they created some beautiful photographs. I armed the 7th graders with cameras and the instructions to create color with line. They headed off to the courtyard and returned with these images.

“Photography is the way that I talk about my work”


4 responses to “Goldsworthy

  1. looks great! I am doing a Goldsworthy lesson with my Garden Arts class tomorrow (k-1st graders) and will most likely be showing some of these photos as inspiration for them 🙂
    – Rachel

    • Excellent! Share your photos, I would love to see them. How are your classes? Also thanks for the light painting link!

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