Blue White Day 2011

We created two videos on Blue White Day* and took tons of photos from the roof of our school. We had three cameras set up on tripods, two Nikon DSLRs and one Kodak Playful HD video camera. One of the DSLRs was shooting every 5-10 seconds, the other set to shoot the group. I wish I had taken a few photos of us up on the roof which was an exhilarating experience for some (ahem) who possibly have a slight fear of heights!

HD video footage in high-speed:

Stop Motion:

So we got the idea to create an “aerial photo” while the students and faculty were in school colors. Our inspiration came from Emory who did a stop motion animation to celebrate their graduation year of 2015. Here is their video:

*On Friday we celebrated our annual school-wide traditon, Blue/White Day. From our site:

Blue/White day is a tradition of school-wide athletic competitions that originated at the Columbia School over 100 years ago. Students from grades 1-12 are divided into two teams (blue and white). The P.E. Department organizes the entire day. Older students are paired with younger students (12th graders with 1st graders, 11th graders with 2nd graders, and so on) and first have a picnic lunch together, then compete in a variety of field events and contests. Children enrolled in the Pre-Primary Program also get involved by sitting on the sidelines and cheering for the relay races, volleyball, magic carpet ride, obstacle courses, balloon pop, etc., designed to be enjoyed by all ages and reward a range of athletic skills. Games close with a series of “tug-of-war” competitions between upper grades and the faculty. This is a day for teachers and students to bond. 

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