Art Vocabulary

In the past I have stood up in front of a class and lectured, demonstrated, and given handouts when learning new vocabulary. In the past I have watched their eyes glaze over and experienced the dis-engagement. This year however my students have iPads and I am trying to teach 21st century learning strategies. When introducing new vocabulary I give the students with a list of words. I assign each student a word and ask them to create a lesson on this term. Students present to the class and hand in a one page summary including at least one image and 5 sentences. It is my hope that encouraging this kind of self-guided and self-directed inquiry that my student will use this practice in the future.

Students in 6th grade are embarking on a digital photography lesson. 8th graders are learning about traditional and alternative processes. I have acted as a facilitator and a guide while they work. Earlier today I connected the student working on “aperture” with the student working on “shutter”. This kind of collaboration and interaction is crucial.

This is only a test. I am researching a theory and I will report back on how it unfolds. Please leave a comment with suggestions, ideas, or personal experiences.

2 responses to “Art Vocabulary

  1. I love this post! I love the aperature and shutter students connecting and acting out their roles or having a debate or complaining to each other how hard their job is….

    • Thanks Lindsey! We had fun learning the vocab (shocking). Now I’m curious to see how much of it carries over into ms wuns upper school photography electives.

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